South Carolina’s Facts about Divorce

Marital agreement

If and when there will come a time in your life that you will be going thru a divorce within South Carolina, it is very important to have the information that will really matter in this kind of situation. Listed below are just some of the very important truths about each person trying attains a divorce in their marriage there in South Carolina needs to know. The facts which are listed below are just some of the very comprehensive part of the South Carolina Divorce Laws made available for the usage of those couples who are in need of it. It is also very important to remember that in each state, there are also different laws, and if in case you don’t know anything about your state’s law, you will need to ask a certified South Carolina Divorce Professionals. Learn more about family law, go here.

o South Carolina acknowledges some common law marriage.

o One of the South Carolina’s laws also is that it is important for either the defendant or the plaintiff needs to be a resident of South Carolina for at least one or more years. Now, if and when both of the couple is already a resident there, however, it would be plaintiff that is required to be residing in South Carolina for at least three months. Read more great facts on divorce attorney greenville, click here.

o South Carolina will also recognize a fault or even a no-fault kind of divorce. In no-fault kind of divorce, both of the couple must live far from each other for at least just one year. In the case of fault divorce, this would need evidence that will prove that the marriage was irretrievably broken because of physical cruelty, substance abuse, adultery, or even desertion even just for a period of year.

o This South Carolina is undeniably a state that is equitable. The court will really encourage the couple to settle first the debts they have as well as their property, but if and when they will not agree on both sides, then this will be the time that the court will decide for the couple. The law will probably give a distribution that is equitable of the properties while in marriage to the couple. It’s not that this needs to be equal to both sides, hence just a fair distribution of the property. When it comes to dividing the properties, the court will need to consider the following factors: length of the marriage, the age of the married couple, the contribution of each spouse in having a specific property and also the individual income of the said couple.


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